The Disciple of Christ –Education in Virtue® program provides families with opportunities and tools to integrate teaching virtues into your day. Easily teach your multi-aged family at once without any lesson plans needed. The whole family learns the language of virtue together!  

Are you looking for a way to integrate teaching virtue into your Catholic homeschool curriculum? Even with the best homeschool curriculum, teaching your children—whether independently or in a co-op situation—can be difficult as you seek to bring what you are teaching your children across the boundaries of “school” and into your everyday family life. Teaching virtues can help you create a common vocabulary in your home and family that can be used not only “during school” but throughout every moment of your day.


Homeschooling Mother of Seven

For years I dreamed of a program like this, and this far exceeds anything I could have hoped for. I have found the illustrated virtue cards invaluable in communicating to my kids how to live and grow in virtue.

WHAT MAKES Education in Virtue® DIFFERENT?

The Disciple of Christ – Education in Virtue® program is easily adaptable to children of all ages, making it a perfect tool for homeschooling parents of multiple aged children. Unlike a basic virtue ethics study or character education programs, our education in virtue materials gives students (and parents) examples of what each virtue looks and sounds like in practice.

Because Education in Virtue® is based on TRUTH, it can be easily integrated alongside any Catholic homeschool curriculum, or other homeschooling programs and products. You teach your child to know their faith. Education in Virtue® helps them to live it.



LEARN: When you purchase a starter kit, you will receive a bundled 25% off discount on everything you need for the LEARN portion of the program. FOr parents, we provide the Educator’s Guide and the Virtue Chart Pack. The Virtue and Saint Cards are for the children (and adults) to learn about the virtues. With these tools, your family will quickly learn the common language of virtue.

LIVE: As you learn and become familiar with the LEARN portion of the program, you will soon be ready to LIVE the virtues. This is the phase where we suggest introducing Lectio Divina Journals to anyone over 12 years old. Lectio Divina is the prayerful reading and meditating on the Scripture, and we offer several Lectio Divina Journals to help students strengthen their relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. Our best selling journal,The Life of Christ, walks students through the story of Jesus’ life paired along-side rich art history. We also offer smaller journals for the seasons of Lent and Advent. Let’s Pray Together is our Rosary book designed for the introduction of the practice of Lectio Divina to younger children.

WITNESS: As your children reach milestones in the practice of virtue, our rings and necklaces are physical reminders of how they have learned to live virtuously. We also offer a free printable Disciple Badges Kit, where your children can proudly earn each virtue to wear on their lanyard. 


Start with the basics

Rosary book for all ages

In this video series, first grade students learn the gospel along with the virtues using the rosary book. Each mystery has a virtue to accompany the meditation.


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