Are you looking for a way to integrate teaching virtue into your Catholic homeschool curriculum? 

Teaching virtue—whether independently or in a co-op—can be a real challenge as parents seek to instill in their children the practice of living a life of virtue.  The Disciple of Christ –Education in Virtue® program is designed to create a common vocabulary in your home thereby fostering an environment of virtuous living, not only during the school day, but in all areas of life!

The Disciple of Christ –Education in Virtue® program provides the necessary tools to integrate the teaching of virtues into every moment of the day.  All ages will benefit from this as the whole family learns the language of virtue together!

Learn more about how getting started with Education in Virtue will help your whole family:

Getting Started for Homeschools

Going Deeper

Going Deeper

Start with the basics

Rosary book for all ages

In this video series, first grade students learn the gospel along with the virtues using the rosary book. Each mystery has a virtue to accompany the meditation.

Learn more about the importance of living the virtues to the Christian life:


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