Education in Virtue is very clear, concrete and actionable in its application to shape student and staff behavior. It’s richly rooted in Catholic teaching, while still being philosophically secular enough to implement in any scenario. Simply put, we see more and more ‘ah ha’ moments when discussing behavior. Magnanimity and humility rightly understood, for example, promote great conversation with kids.

Bill Koppes / Principal
Tina / 4th Grade Teacher

I am a HUGE fan and have been practicing the virtues daily in my class. My three, four, and five year olds are flourishing from being exposed to this thought process. I can’t imagine my life or teaching the lives of our future generations any other way!

Sara Sodaro-Baggett / E.C.C.
Tom Maloney / Superintendent

“It’s a reminder to all of us about how we can live a virtuous life – kind, generous and patient with each other – as we never know where people are coming from or what kind of day they’ve had. It’s teaching that our world needs faith, hope and charity.”

Trudy Connolly / 2nd Grade Teacher
Ethan / Student

This program has TRANSFORMED our school! Our school is only in its fifth year and after just starting this fall, I am already seeing rapid growth. We are growing everyday with Education in Virtue as our guide. THANK YOU for creating this beautiful program. Many thanks!

Karissa / Elementary School Principal
Sharon / 1st Grade Teacher
I am writing with great gratitude for developing and sharing Education in Virtue. At St. Michael’s Catholic School, we have embraced  it and grown in all areas of our Catholic faith. From the saints to the Scriptures, we love how it deepens our knowledge so we can grow to love Christ and his children!
Sara / Elementary School Principal