If you are asking any of the following questions, then our Disciple of Christ – Education in Virtue® program may be just what your classroom needs.

  • What is a simple and intuitive way to teach the virtues?
  • How do I make my classroom a positive learning environment?
  • How can I create an atmosphere of mutual respect and prevent bullying in my classroom?
  • How do I increase the Catholic culture in my classroom? 
  • How can I form my students to be disciples of Christ?
  • How can I help my students develop strong a character and values?
  • How can I help my students to stay focused?  

Disciple of Christ – Education in Virtue® will enable you to teach the virtues with confidence.

  • Easily implement the resources into your daily routine. 
  • Develop a common language for your class and school. 
  • Form positive habits in your students.
  • Raise up a generation of disciples who know and live the virtues.
  • Teach about the saints and encourage your students to emulate their virtuous lives. 

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Learn how to best utilize the Education in Virtue materials and get ideas to successfully set up your classroom.

How the Practice of Virtue Leads to a Healthy Mind and Heart

Watch our 3-part video series with Interpersonal Neuropsychologist Dr. Karen Villa or read the transcripts here


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