Disciple of Christ – Education in Virtue® is dedicated to assisting schools in restoring the Catholic classical teaching of virtue into its culture. The resources were developed by experienced teachers for educators and are practical and intuitive. They provide a common language that can be used by the entire school which transforms and unifies the school community.

Transform Your school

If you are asking any of the following questions, Disciple of Christ | Education in Virtue® program may be just what your school needs.

  • How can we restore the classical teaching on virtue?
  • Is there a practical and simple way to teach the virtues?
  • How can we decrease bullying in our schools?
  • How can we strengthen the Catholic culture?
  • How do we develop school-wide curriculum unity?
  • How do we strengthen our Catholic school’s identity?


Karissa, Elementary School Principal

West Fargo, ND

This program has TRANSFORMED our school! Our school is only in its fifth year and after just starting this fall, I am already seeing rapid growth. We are growing everyday with Education in Virtue as our guide. THANK YOU for creating this beautiful program. Many thanks!

Bill Koppes, Principal

Redding, CA

Education in Virtue is very clear, concrete and actionable in its application to shape student and staff behavior. It’s richly rooted in Catholic teaching, while still being philosophically secular enough to implement in any scenario. Simply put, we see more and more ‘ah ha’ moments when discussing behavior. Magnanimity and humility rightly understood, for example, promote great conversation with kids.

Sara, Elementary School Principal

Grand Forks, ND

I am writing with great gratitude for developing and sharing Education in Virtue. At St. Michael’s Catholic School, we have embraced  it and grown in all areas of our Catholic faith. From the saints to the Scriptures, we love how it deepens our knowledge so we can grow to love Christ and his children!

Lincoln Snyder, Superintendent of Schools

Diocese of Sacramento

Why does Education in Virtue work? On a practical level, it gives a community a positive common vocabulary for describing human behavior. For example, when a student learns to take into account the effects of his/her decisions on others, and then learns to call that habit “circumspection,” he/she grows in the ability to control and direct those actions.


We are here to support your educational goals by providing training for all your teachers. We enable entire schools to teach the lexicon—the language of virtue—which creates a beautiful culture that allows students to learn and grow in all of the Christian virtues as disciples of Christ. Our product line will help your entire school implement the virtues and support and character formation program.

Creating a Positive Catholic Culture

Using positive examples and language enables you to create an atmosphere, school, or classroom environment conducive to learning and growth. When you change the common vocabulary, the culture will follow suit. Education in Virtue® reveals what each virtue looks and sounds like in a way that even a kindergartener can understand.

Start with the basics

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neuroSCIENCE Reveals why it works

In these videos, Dr. Karen Villa, a developmental Neural Psychologist, explains that life experiences shape our neurocircuitry. When a child practices the ability to reflect and organize their thoughts, it has a positive effect on their mental health and brain development. Neuroplasticity is greatest when still in adolescence. Learn how Education in Virtue® encourages healthy brain development.


With every school starter kit purchase, we provide teacher training. You have a choice from a live personalized webinar for your entire school, or an in-person presentation for teachers and/or parents. Call Sally to find out more details on getting the resources you need at 734-996-4245.

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