The Theological Virtue of Hope

Enables one to desire God above all things and to trust Him for personal salvation

Saint Josephine Bakhita
  • It's a supernatural gift of God infused at baptism
  • It's the virtue of the wayfarer, keeping one fixed on eternal beatitude (heaven)
  • It gives youthful freedom because one lives in expectation of eternal beatitude (heaven)
  • It inspires and orders one’s actions to God
  • It keeps one from discouragement
  • It preserves one from selfishness
  • It anchors the soul in God and enables one to be joyful under trial
  • It is expressed and nourished in prayer
  • Knows heaven is our true home
  • Strives to live the Beatitudes
  • Accepts sufferings and trials with patience, perseverance, and joy
  • Nourishes and expresses it in prayer
  • Finds comfort in the recollection of God’s love, shown to us to by Christ’s death on the Cross
  • Looks to the saints as friends, intercessors, and guides

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