The Theological Virtue of Charity

Also known as: Love

Enables one to love as God Himself loves, to love God above all things, and one’s neighbor as oneself

Saint Teresa of Calcutta
  • It's a supernatural gift of God infused at baptism
  • It's a sharing in the very love of God Himself (see 1 John 4:7–12)
  • It gives spiritual freedom to respond as a child of God to His gratuitous love
  • Christian life is for communion
  • The proper order of love is love of God, love of self, and love of neighbor
  • Charity is the form of the virtues. It motivates all man’s good actions, orders them, and raises them to supernatural perfection
  • Teaches the Ignorant, Counsels the Doubtful, and Admonishes the Sinner
  • Bears Wrongs Patiently and Forgives Offenses
  • Comforts the Sorrowful
  • Prays For the Living and the Dead
  • Gives Food and Drink to the Hungry and Thirsty
  • Clothes the Naked and Shelters the Homeless
  • Visits the Sick and/or Imprisoned
  • Buries the Dead

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