Life of Christ Individual Bundle: Journal & Course


When you purchase this BUNDLE:

    • You will receive instant online access to the COURSE through our Learning Portal (A renewable 2-Year Membership for 1 person)
    • You will be shipped a paperback edition of our best-selling JOURNAL: Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal. Already own this Journal? See description below*
    • You will receive a free pocket-sized BIBLE with shipment.

Recommended for junior high, high school, and even adults to complete at your own pace! 

Click here for a free PDF journal sample and prayerfully walk through the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist.  


Key Features:

  • A comprehensive walk-through the entire life of Christ
  • Readings/reflections of each of the 70+ Scriptures within the Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal by priests worldwide
  • Art commentary on 70+ beautiful full-colored images of Sacred Art by Art Historian, Dr. Elizabeth Lev
  • Thought-provoking testimonials by everyday disciples of Christ
  • Conveniently use at your own pace
  • Great for schools who may need to switch between F2F and remote situations throughout the school year
*If you already own the hardcopy of Life of Christ Journal but are interested in only the course membership to Life of Christ, Lectio Divina Course Companion, please call Sally at 734-996-4245.
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The Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal was written to guide you into a deeper encounter with the Person of Jesus Christ. This encounter with truth, beauty, and goodness, will show you how a life of virtue becomes an interior habit, a way of life, which enables you to be more open to the Holy Spirit, allowing you to make your own personal commitment to living as a disciple of Christ! Our new Life of Christ, Lectio Divina Journal Companion is a video series course that accompanies the journal to assist participants in the practice of lectio divina—the habit of prayerfully reading Scripture.  

As you use the journal and open your mind and heart to the Holy Spirit, you will begin to experience a closer relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ. These companion videos will help you encounter the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in His Person. For each Scripture passage in the Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal, there are three video segments:


1) Open the Scriptures

To aid you in unpacking the Scripture, various priests from around the world read the passage and offer commentary. Participating priests include  Fr. Kyle Kowalczyk; Fr. Benedict Croell, O.P.; Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P.; Fr. Henry Cuellar, Jr.; Fr. Nathanael Block; Fr. Jim Morrison; Fr. Dan Westermann; Fr. Jude T. DeAngelo, OFM, Conv.; Fr. Aaron Becker; Fr. John Sica, O.P.; Fr. Randy Sly; Fr. Ricardo Pineda, C.P.M.; Fr. Ken Geraci, C.P.M.; Fr. Gary Koenigsknecht; Fr. Gordon Reigle; Fr. John Muir; Fr. Don Kline; Fr. Mike Schmitz; Fr. Greg Gerhart; Fr. Jim Boland; Fr. Patrick Bénéteau; Fr. Mark Poulin; Fr. Paul Kim; Fr. Toby Lees, O.P.; Fr. Todd Koenigsknecht; Fr. Joseph Alobaidi, O.P.; Fr. Mike Brungardt; Fr. Matt Lowry; Fr. Luke Wilgenbusch; Fr. Tim Anastos; Fr. Pieter van Rooyen; Fr. Rick Kramer; Fr. Chris Fraser, J.C.L.; Fr. Nick Monco, O.P.; and Fr. David Meconi, S.J. 

2)  Encounter  Beauty

The Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal includes over 75 images of sacred art that bring their respective Gospel passages to life. With degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Bologna, Dr. Elizabeth Lev has been working as a tour guide in Rome for over twenty years while teaching at Duquesne University’s Italian campus.  A renowned art historian (and certified Sommelier) Dr. Lev offers engaging commentary on these beautiful, rich treasures.  She loves Rome—its history, art, cuisine, and people— and is happiest in its many churches and museums. She is the author of four books, has offered commentaries on art and the papacy for several television networks, and recently hosted an episode of BBC’s Heart and Soul on Leonardo da Vinci!  Cheers!

3)  Live as a Disciple of Christ

All of us meet people who are just good — and they bring joy to us. For this segment, the Sisters and other disciples of Christ offer their own reflections and witness to us the joy of the Gospel.