Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh I ate way too much” or “I have got to find a balance in my life?” Life can feel like a constant balancing act—like trying to balance on a seesaw. Temperance is the virtue that helps you stabilize the seesaw of life.

Temperance enables you to be moderate in the pleasure and use of created goods. The key word is moderate or balance as it helps your bring order to your life.

It is interesting to study the sins against temperance and recognize ways you can make changes. For example, intemperance can be either by excess or by defect. Sins of excess pursue pleasure by overindulgence beyond the order of right reason. Sins of defect are often motivated by fear. They repress or negate the natural desires to the detriment of the person. Temperance allows one to use properly and experience the goods and pleasure of this world.

To learn more about temperance and how you can live not bound by your desires, I encourage you to watch this video on temperance in our Professional Development Series. 


This week on Lumen Ecclesiae Digital Mr. Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza and a devout Catholic, shares how he began to intentionally live the virtue of temperance.  Of course, it is different for every person, but I am certain you will be inspired. 


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