The word obey means ‘to hear’ and a willingness to listen. Hence, it is essential to first cultivate the virtue of docility, which means a willingness to be taught. It also enables you to listen to the Word of God and open your mind to His teachings. For to be a disciple, you must strive to abide in Him and live as He lived (I John 2:6). Fr. Bonaventure Perquin, O.P. writes….

“So the adopted children (by Baptism) can begin to know their Father only by being taught by the Son, by ‘going to school’ with him—that is, by becoming his disciples and accepting him as their Master and Teacher… There is so much to learn about him, and as they begin to know him, they grow in docility and eagerness as his disciples: the intensity of their desire to learn is the measure of their love for the Father”

(Abba Father, p. 86).

St. Paul emphasizes the importance of both taking on the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16) and to be continually renewed (Romans 12:2). Prayerfully reading the Word of God is the best means to ‘go to school’ with Him and learn all He revealed to us about His loving Father.

This attitude, which is an action of the mind and heart, will naturally flow into every aspect of your life and enable you to be a good listener and a person willing to work humbly and collaboratively with others. Once again, Fr. Bonaventure Perquin, O.P. sums it up quite well,

“It is only common sense: our hearts and wills cannot be Christlike unless our minds are Christlike” (Abba Father, p. 96).


I am happy to announce the launching of our Mind and Heart podcasts. In the first podcast, I will be giving an overview of books and resources available from Lumen Ecclesiae Press and sharing our vision for the podcast. LISTEN NOW 


Disciple Badges

Have you heard of “brag tags” for classroom management?  Mrs. Blausey, an experienced Grade 3 teacher from Spiritus Sanctus Academy, adapted this concept to incorporate the virtues in classroom management. The Disciple Badges are different because they affirm the student for consistent, positive behavior. Affirmation strikes deeper because it is rooted in the recognition of the student’s dignity as a child of God.

Praise is good but it can lead to surface responses of the child. Whereas virtue is the habit of doing good and strives to develop consistent and stable dispositions. Yes, this may sound like splitting hairs so let me put it very simply. When giving out Disciple Badges, take the time to look at the child in the eyes and express what you see in him/her, as opposed to quickly handing out the badge with the virtue. Your personal interaction with him/her will have a lasting, positive impact and help them discover their identity as a disciple of Christ. DOWNLOAD NOW 

Echoing the Mystery

Those who are seriously willing to be taught in the spirit of docility should consider reading the complete resource “Echoing the Mystery,” by Barbara Morgan. In the words of Dr. Carol Brown, “Imagine how much more fruitful our catechetical efforts would be, if only each person were actually ‘endeavoring to know Jesus better.’ For any disciple who is prepared for the ‘endeavor to know Jesus better,’ the kind of instruction proposed in this book will be priceless.” PURCHASE TODAY


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