Light of the Church

We are overjoyed to announce the launch of our new digital community with a very special mission, called Lumen Ecclesiae , which is Latin for “Light of the Church”. This mission was founded by St. Dominic hundreds of years ago! If you have been participating in our initiatives over the years, whether in areas of education, vocation life, or cultural invitations, you may have noticed the words Lumen Ecclesiae appearing on our various communications and resources.  

Walking in the footsteps of St. Dominic—spiritually, physically, and now digitally—today marks the day the Lumen Ecclesiae mission expands farther by means of Lumen Ecclesiae Digital (LED).  LED is a new digital community/platform created in response to the many requests for a share in the beautiful life of the Dominican Sisters of Mary. The Sisters cannot be everywhere physically, but through LED, and her literary print counterpart, Lumen Ecclesiae Press, the Sisters hope to present opportunities to engage with uplifting and fruitful audio/visual content. This new website contains posts in the form of articles, audio podcasts and videos.

We invite you to watch this short trailer introducing LED. From there, we hope you will join our digital community and also subscribe on Youtube, as together, we shine the light of the good, the true, and the beautiful!

Gratefully in Christ,


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